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We at FNG Supplies Co Ltd are situated in the heart of Wardija. A place blessed with sunshine, fertile soil and clean air.

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Our Roots

We at FNG Supplies Co Ltd are a team of fruit and vegetable wholesalers that supply fresh and wholesome produce to the catering trade in both Malta and Gozo. we provide high-quality produce to a number of clients across the islands.

Our farms are surrounded by the luscious hills, picturesque lands and natural surroundings of Wardija. Our land is blessed with Mother Nature’s bounty — sunshine, clean air and nourishing natural streams.
All of these gifts presented to us by our land, provide our customers with superior-quality products that excel in terms of taste, nutrition and salutary benefits.

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Why us?

Consistently High Standards And Services

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High Quality

We are firm believers that our high attention to quality is what makes our products stand out.

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Broad Selection

We present our customers with a wide choice of fruits, herbs, vegetables, dairy products and eggs.

Farm to table

Farm To Table

We hold a choice of local and European produce that presents clients with a farm-to-fork approach.

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Imported Goods

We import a choice of fruits from Europe. This permits us to offer our clients out of season produce.

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Free Deliveries

We offer our clients free deliveries in both Malta and Gozo, depending on their preference.

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Organic Produce

We also present our clients with made-to-order and freshly-gathered organic produce.

Farm to table

Our Farms

We hold a choice of lands and lands in Wardija, some of which have been converted to greenhouses, fields and farms. This provides us with the facility of presenting our customers with great prices and exceptional produce.

Our Produce


Tailor-Made Orders
shiso boxes

Shiso Boxes

This fragrant Japanese herb is a favourite among professional gourmet chefs and mixologists.

potted herbs

Potted Herbs

We can also provide you with potted herbs, such as basil, dill and spinach. You can also opt for ready-cut herbs.

sakura mix

Sakura Mix

This mix includes a number of cress leaves that produce a distinct combination of flavours.

mixed salads

Mixed Salads

From Asian mixes to Russian mixed salads, rucola varieties, baby spinach, mini broccoli and corn.