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The best quality products as provided by mother nature.

Located on the high hills of Wardija, our land is well exposed to fresh and clean air, loads of sunlight and is nourished by a stream of natural running water. This is why our products are considered amongst our consumers of being of a superior quality. Such land has a high nourished soil passing all that is required for our fruit and vegetables to be rich in vitamins and minerals aiding in the well being of our consumers.


We at FNG SUPPLIES CO LTD provide a fantastic service with great prices. We grow and supply fruit and vegetables to a vast array of clients starting from the commercial to the hospitality industries throughout the Maltese Islands.


Our basic philosophy of providing the freshest, best quality products with exceptional service and ensuring that customer expectations are continually met and exceeded, has earned us the title of market leader.


Since the late 1980s, we have grown a variety of fruit and vegetable crops. Our crops are chosen for taste and natural resistance to disease, so you can be sure that the fruit you’re picking is grown using traditional local, fresh and seasonal products. Our own farm and greenhouse are harvested daily for premium quality and freshness. We are also direct importers from all over the world of a variety of exotic fruits and vegetables.


We provide:-  Price lists, Convenience, Quality produce, Customised orders, Free and same day deliveries to all areas & Great, friendly and quality service.



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